Ingredients Corporation of America, Inc. offers high quality, fresh, full-flavor spices, seasonings, sauces, marinades and breadings.

Spices & Blends

Whether your needs are small or large, at ICA our unique approach offers something for everyone. We maintain a selection of House Blends and our staff is available to assist you in the development or duplication of formulas for virtually any need or application.

Private Label

ICA is a contract manufacturer of custom proprietary formulations and maintains an extensive library of premium House blends for utililzation by our customers. Our custom label program takes your retail distribution idea to the next level.

We develop, formulate, blend, pack and custom label your product for individuals and business alike. Your labels can be utilized or our house personnel can develop a proprietary label for your company. Call us today to get started and experience the ease of making your own line of spices, herbs and seasonings.

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